Commitment-Phobe's Journey: Great go-to apps

Lauren Stern
Columnist from  Philadelphia, PA
| July 8, 2010

webOS apps

Most webOS users have long since known of the half-off sale in the app catalog and are hopefully taking advantage of it.  If you are just learning this for the first time, get moving because the promotion is scheduled to end tomorrow, July 9th.  For those of you wondering what to do after July 9th as far as how to find and purchase sale apps, you may want to download the On Sale app.  On Sale is a free application that provides a running list of those apps on sale at any given time, keeping you in the know when it comes to future discounts available through the app catalog.  The list of sale apps indicates both the original and sale prices as well as lets you click on any individual app for more information and to purchase.  While On Sale could definitely use a search or sorting tool, it is a handy pocketbook-friendly app to have whether you are an app lover or even the casual peruser of the app catalog.

Sale or no sale, there are many great free apps in the app catalog that should not be overlooked.  WHERE is one such free app and I would definitely include it in any list of must-have webOS apps.  Using your Palm’s GPS locator, WHERE can help you identify and locate all sorts of nearby places of interest like movie theaters (with showtimes) and the closest Starbucks.  Some of the more unique features of this app include finding gas stations while providing a listing of the current gas prices at those stations and even sales at local retails.  WHERE utilizes CitySearch for reviews and to enhance and broaden the searching capabilities.  Rounding out the location-based service experience, WHERE also provides local weather, news and traffic updates.

When it comes to WHERE, I cannot say enough good things about this virtually all-in-one app.  As a new resident of a large metropolitan area with so many things to see and do, navigating it all sometimes feels like a daunting task.  Planning day trips can be a painful undertaking because I just don’t have the time to sift through the extensive information available.  WHERE helps.  No matter what area I end up in, WHERE can help me locate the basics like food, gas and an ATM, as well as almost anything else through it’s yellow pages search feature and maybe even a sale somewhere in the vicinity, all while guiding me with directions and traffic alerts. 

WHERE offers at-a-glance type views for browsing and almost everything is then clickable for more detailed information.  Conveniently, WHERE also integrates with Palm’s calendar and contacts so that you can directly add items for future reference.

Anyone else have a great go-to app for webOS?