HTC bringing Mondrian and Mozart to Windows Phone 7 platform

Ari Robbins
Contributing Editor from  Atlanta, GA
| Published: July 8, 2010

If you're looking forward to the Windows Phone 7 Platform launch this holiday season (or slightly earlier, say September/November maybe?), and wondering what's in store for you in terms of hardware, the good news is two-fold.  First, we know that Microsoft has put strict requirements in place to foster uniformity among its devices, and to assure that all WP7 phones are of the highest quality.  The other thing we know, thanks to a UAProf (user agent profile, look it up on Wikipedia) is that HTC plans on bringing at least two WP7 phones to the table.  The HTC Mozart and HTC Mondrian will likely have similar specs, including a 480x800 display, candy bar form factor (think most keyboard-less HTC devices), Bluetooth, and more.  We're still in the early stages of the game when it comes to Windows Phone 7 with at least two months to go before we see the first launch (potentially) of a WP7 phone.  It is good, however, to see more evidence that HTC, a king among manufacturers these days, is planning to "bring it" to WP7.  Any WinMo folks planning on making the change to WP7?