Imagine Cup finalists get rewarded with Samsung WP7 prototypes

Ari Robbins
Contributing Editor from  Atlanta, GA
| July 8, 2010

The Imagine Cup, by Microsoft, is (in their own words) "the world’s premier student technology competition...Overall, the idea is to show how technology can help solve the world’s toughest problems. And the solution? Well, that’s entirely up to you—and your imagination."  This year's finals were held in Warsaw, Poland, and while the winners are rewarded with cash prizes, this year all 400 finalists were given the gift of a Windows Phone 7 prototype.  The phone is said to be the same Samsung prototype that was seen at MIX back in March, and more recently demoed by Engadget in late June.  There's no telling at what stage in development these prototypes are currently at, but hey, these kids are developers, so I'm sure they'll have their fun.

Via Engadget, artificialignorance