iPhone 4 catches fire, burns owner

Ari Robbins
Contributing Editor from  Atlanta, GA
| July 8, 2010

Despite all the "issues" with the iPhone 4, we still knew it was one of the hottest devices on the market right now.  But you know Apple, being "one of" the hottest devices just wasn't good enough, so this iPhone 4 decided to go and get SO hot that it actually burst into flames and burned its owner.  Is that hot enough for you?!  The picture you see above should be some pretty convincing evidence.  According to a BGR tipster, the phone lit up (and I'm not talking signal here) after being connected to the owner's computer via the USB cable that came with it.  As you can see it got hot enough to leave a solid mark on the surrounding aluminum and completely melt the cable that was connected to it.  The report also says that this was clearly a defective USB port, and not some Joe Shmoe trying to get a new iPhone.  Pretty crazy, no?  I've heard of spontaneous combustion, but this takes the cake.


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