Samsung Galaxy S2: More fantasy than reality

Ari Robbins
Contributing Editor from Atlanta, GA
Published: July 8, 2010

Wow, this is very interesting!  Remember the 'leak' of the Samsung Galaxy S2 that surfaced Monday?  Well, the latest speculation about the device is that it was a completely fabricated rumor created by a Russian Samsung fan club.  According to BriefMobile, who makes some rather interesting arguments, the render and device concept is most likely a complete fake.  The gist of the article is basically that whoever came up with this concept, grand as it may be, thought in pretty unrealistic terms.  From the 2GHz processor to the Super AMOLED 2 screen (a technology that we're not even sure exists yet), the specs seem just too good to be true.  I'll be honest, the idea of the Samsung Galaxy S2 is definitely drool-worthy, but after reading what BriefMobile had to say, I'm going to have to side with them and agree that this is probably a fake.  Though, I'm especially happy to eat my words on this one.  Thoughts?

Via BriefMobile