Some DROID Xs experiencing screen problems

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| July 20, 2010

Droid X screen

Few major phone launches go off without a hitch, as the iPhone 4 can certainly attest to, and now Motorola's DROID X can join the "Rough Launch" club, too.  Along with the shortage issues we reported on earlier, some DROID X owners are reporting problems with their screens.  The issues are either graphical or electrical and can cause rapid flickering and vertical banding of the X's gigantic display.  Some users have been able to get their defective units replaced by Verizon, with the carrier saying that this may be a common problem with some batches of launch day DROID Xs.  Check out videos of both problems below.

As I said earlier, few phones launch without experiencing some sort of problem, and the DROID X is no exception.  These issues definitely need to be addressed by Verizon, Motorola, or both.  Hopefully Verizon is correct when they say that this was just a small problem with launch day handsets.  If your DROID X is having display complications, I'm sure Big Red will replace your device with no questions asked.  With that said, are any of you out there having screen problems with you shiny new DROID X?

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