T-Mobile to release HSPA Plus device this summer

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: July 21, 2010


Sure, T-Mobile's HSPA+ network now reaches 85 million people, but what good is a spiffy, new network without a hot, cutting edge device to take advantage of it?  T-Mobile won't have to worry about that soon, as the carrier announced today that they will be launching an HSPA+-capable device some time this summer.  No other information was given, but I'm sure we'll be hearing more sooner rather than later.

T-Mobile has been touting its HSPA+ network and the "4G speeds" that it's capable of producing, but so far the only devices that have had access to it are data sticks.  A speedy HSPA+ device with T-Mobile's cheap plan pricing would almost certainly be a big seller.  We may not have much more information to go on than a "summer" release, but come on.  The fact that we're finally going to get an HSPA+ device is enough to get me excited!

Via MobileBurn