iPhone users generally satisfied with AT&T

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: July 23, 2010

Apple plus AT&T

AT&T often catches a lot of flak for network troubles it occasionally has, especially with iPhone users sucking down data.  However, a recent survey of iPhone owners found that they are generally satisfied with their carrier.  Yankee Group conducted a survey among iPhone owners and found that 73 percent of them were "very satisfied" with AT&T.  That number is pretty high compared to how other smartphone owners feel about AT&T, as well as how other smartphone users feel about their own carriers.  Yankee Group asked AT&T's entire customer base how they felt about the carrier and their satisfaction was at 68 percent.  When it comes to smartphone users on other networks, the satisfaction rate was at 69 percent.  The high rating that AT&T got from iPhone users can be attributed to a "halo effect," Yankee Group believes, which means that the fondness that customers feel for their iPhone are affecting how they feel about AT&T.

As an iPhone user myself, I would say that I'm satisfied with AT&T, as well.  However, I don't live in an area where AT&T customers have network problems, like in San Francisco.  I also agree with Yankee Group in their assessment of the iPhone's effect on customer opinion of AT&T.  A lot of people love the iPhone, and since AT&T is a part of the iPhone experience, some people will love AT&T, as well.  What are your thoughts about your respective carriers, dear readers?

Via MacRumors

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