Dell Streak could go on sale as early as tomorrow [UPDATED]

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| July 27, 2010

Dell Streak launch

We've been speculating about when the Dell Streak would launch for a while now, but now we've learned that it could launch as soon as tomorrow.  Pre-orders for the Streak on Dell's site have ended, but the site was updated to include the following sentence, which has since been removed:

Our Dell Streak pre-sale sign-up opportunity is no longer available. Please visit tomorrow to purchase your Dell Streak.

Dell's site now says that the Streak will be launching "in late July," so I hope that they do launch the device tomorrow, because their release window is closing quickly.  The fact that Dell quickly changed the page after the section above was spotted does certainly make it seem that the Streak will launch tomorrow, and thankfully we only have to wait 24 hours to find out.  Everyone get your credit cards ready!

UPDATE: Dell has been kind enough to reach out to us and clarify the situation with their site. Apparently the message seen above was a glitch that appeared during some online testing for the Streak's site, and the device will not be going on sale tomorrow, July 27th.  Back to waiting!

Via Boy Genius Report