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So many phones! This summer has turned into a Summer of Smartphones unlike any other, and the Android invasion is leading the way.

Which Android phone should you buy, or should you even buy one at all? We've taken a look at some of the new crop of smartphones to help guide your purchasing decisions. Click the Product Hub link for each device to see more info, including in-depth specs, videos and reviews.

Google Nexus One

Google Nexus One (Unlocked GSM)

  • Buy this if: You want the original vision of Google's superphone and timely access to Android updates.
  • Don't buy this if: You need any hand-holding; the phone isn't sold through carriers.
  • Buyer Beware: Google is no longer selling the phone direct, so it's fast becoming a collectors' item.
  • Pleasant Surprise: Nexus One + T-Mobile = Fast Web browsing.
  • Dark Secret: Google's tech support has been lackluster, to say the least.
  • Alternatives: HTC Droid Incredible (Verizon), Samsung Captivate/Vibrant/Fascinate

Google Nexus One Product Hub »

Motorola Droid X (Verizon)

Motorola Droid X (Verizon)

  • Buy this if: You want maximum performance, maximum screen and Verizon's network.
  • Don't buy this if: You want a more pocketable device, a hard QWERTY keyboard, a snazzy custom skin, or a front-facing camera for video chatting.
  • Buyer Beware: Early models have suffered from display and WiFi-related problems.
  • Pleasant Surprise: Motorola's three-microphone noise cancellation makes calls sound better.
  • Dark Secret: The HD video capture is good but not great.
  • Alternatives: HTC EVO 4G (Sprint), Samsung Fascinate (Verizon)

Motorola Droid X Product Hub »

HTC Evo 4G (Sprint)

HTC Evo 4G (Sprint)

  • Buy this if: You want the first 4G-capable phone in the land, with maxed-out media features to boot.
  • Don't buy this if: You want 4G speeds but don't yet have Sprint's WiMax coverage where you live.
  • Buyer Beware: T-Mobile's 3G network is actually faster than Sprint's 4G in many real-life tests.
  • Pleasant Surprise: Evo's kickstand is actually pretty handy.
  • Dark Secret: .Big screen + custom software + 4G = Big drain on battery life
  • Alternatives: Motorola Droid X (Verizon), Samsung Epic 4G (Sprint)


HTC Evo 4G Product Hub »

HTC Droid Incredible (Verizon)

HTC Droid Incredible (Verizon)

  • Buy this if: You value performance, ease-of-use and pocketability.
  • Don't buy this if: You're eager to get the latest Android updates quickly - HTC's custom interface means longer waits for OS upgrades.
  • Buyer Beware: The bright display and custom software has resulted in battery life complaints.
  • Pleasant Surprise: A software update will bless Incredible with HD video capture.
  • Dark Secret: Display parts shortages have kept the phone on back-order since launch.
  • Alternatives: Samsung Fascinate (Verizon), Google Nexus One (Unlocked)

HTC Droid Incredible Product Hub »

T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide

T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide

  • Buy this if: You want Android with a keyboard and have good T-Mobile coverage where you'll be using it.
  • Don't buy this if: You don't like what T-Mobile and HTC have done to customize the Android software or want the fastest Android phone in the land.
  • Buyer Beware: myTouch Slide has an extra-customized version of HTC's custom Android software. Not saying that's bad, just saying it's different.
  • Pleasant Surprise: The "Genius" button makes using voice commands extra-easy, and the hard keyboard is a delight.
  • Dark Secret: You'll likely have to wait extra-long for an Android 2.2 update to this phone given all of the custom software it runs.
  • Alternatives: Samsung Intercept (Sprint), Samsung Vibrant (T-Mobile)

myTouch 3G Slide Product Hub »

Samsung Captivate

Samsung Captivate (AT&T), Vibrant (T-Mobile)

  • Buy this if: You want the best screen ever to grace an Android phone.
  • Don't buy this if: You want a phone that feels awesome in hand - these devices are nice and light but kind of cheap feeling.
  • Buyer Beware: AT&T's Captivate won't let you sideload unsigned apps. If you don't know what that means, don't worry, it won't really affect you.
  • Pleasant Surprise: Samsung's S-AMOLED display tech is actually usable in direct sunlight.
  • Dark Secret: Samsung's custom user interface is riddled with typos and weird grammatical errors.
  • Alternatives: HTC Droid Incredible (Verizon), Motorola Droid X (Verizon).

Samsung Captivate Product Hub »

Samsung Intercept (Sprint)

Samsung Intercept (Sprint)

  • Buy this if: You want Android on Sprint, with a hard keyboard, but don't need 4G.
  • Don't buy this if: You want the absolute fastest, sleekest, most powerful Android phone around.
  • Buyer Beware: Intercept is a solid performer, but it lags when compared to higher-end devices like Evo 4G and Droid Incredible.
  • Pleasant Surprise: Intercept has one of the best QWERTY keyboards to grace a cell phone in quite some time.
  • Dark Secret: Under heavy use, Intercept can lag to the point of annoyance.
  • Alternatives: LG Ally (Verizon), Samsung Epic 4G (Sprint)

Samsung Intercept Product Hub »

HTC Aria (AT&T)

HTC Aria (AT&T)

  • Buy this if: You want a full Android smartphone in a tiny, light package.
  • Don't buy this if: You like to type long Emails and messages on your phone.
  • Buyer Beware: Aria's small size means a small battery, and this phone tends to run out of juice under heavy use.
  • Pleasant Surprise: HTC's Sense user interface is totally usable on Aria's (relatively) small display.
  • Dark Secret: Did I mention the battery life issue?
  • Alternatives: HTC Droid Incredible (Verizon), Sony Ericsson X10 mini and mini pro (Unlocked)


HTC Aria Product Hub »

Samsung Epic Pro 4G (Sprint)

Samsung Epic 4G (Sprint)

  • Buy this if:  Coming soon
  • Don't buy this if: Coming soon
  • Buyer Beware: Coming soon
  • Pleasant Surprise: Coming soon
  • Dark Secret: Coming soon
  • Alternatives: Coming soon


Samsung Epic 4G Product Hub »

Samsung Fascinate

Fascinate (Verizon)

  • Buy this if:  Coming soon
  • Don't buy this if: Coming soon
  • Buyer Beware: Coming soon
  • Pleasant Surprise: Coming soon
  • Dark Secret: Coming soon
  • Alternatives: Coming soon


Samsung Fascinate Product Hub »

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