Nokia EVP Niklas Savander's Twitter conversation highlights

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: August 6, 2010

Niklas Savander video

On Wednesday, we reported that Nokia Executive Vice President of Markets Niklas Savander would spend an hour on his Twitter account, @NiklasatNokia, to answer questions from users.  The whole thing went down yesterday afternoon, and now we've got the highlights as well as a video summary featuring Niklas himself.  Some different topics that Niklas discussed include:

  • The disparity between Nokia product announcements and their release, which Niklas said "is not helping anyone."
  • The release date of the Nokia N8, which is still slated for the "end of Q3."
  • When discussing MeeGo, Mr. Savander said that Nokia has "a major product milestone by the end of the year."
  • As for Android, Niklas explained that "our platform choices (symbian and meego) gives us the best opp to deliver value and of course qt will play key role."
  • Niklas gave the impression that Nokia is slowly working to change the perception of Nokia in North American, but that they "have no plans at this time" to work with Sprint
  • On the topic of developers, one user stated that they felt Symbian is "slow" and "developer-hostile," to which Niklas answered by saying "Qt will give you the tools to develop and allow u to address both symbian and meego devices."
  • Finally, discussing services like Foursquare, Niklas stated that the "future of mobile Internet is location driven – we r in mile 1 of marathon & in front of the pack #navteq."

It's great to see an executive take such a hands-on approach to interacting with customers, especially with a service like Twitter.  I would love to see more execs do the same in the future.  Niklas said that he intends to continue the conversation on Twitter in the future, so here's to hoping he keeps up the social media interaction.  Check out the video of Niklas summarizing the conversations below.

Via Nokia Conversations