HTC Schubert leaks, sports Windows Phone 7 in a chromed out body

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: August 9, 2010

HTC Schubert Windows Phone 7

While we've seen some photos and video of Windows Phone 7 in action in the past, we haven't really seen much about the handsets that will be running the spiffy new OS.  Today we got just that, with a video from the folks at showing off an HTC device tentatively called the "Schubert."  Looking kind of like a cross between an iPhone 3GS and a Nexus One, the Schubert is definitely a sharp looking handset.  There aren't any specs or anything like that for the device, but if you'll remember, we saw a "Shubert" device on a leaked T-Mobile roadmap a month ago.  Considering the Shubert/Schubert was the only device on the roadmap that didn't have an Android and that it was placed in the late November/early December timeframe, it's looking like the Schubert will be T-Mo's first WP7 handset.

It's great to see some real Windows Phone 7 hardware surface, and the Schubert definitely looks slick.  I'm not sure if the version of the device we see in the video will be the final hardware since we're still three or four months away from release (according to the T-Mo roadmap, anyway), but I certainly hope it at least looks similar.  Now that we're inching closer to the WP7 release, we should be seeing more hardware leak out.  Let's hope that both the OS and the handsets are able to bring the fight to iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry.  Competition is great!

Via Boy Genius Report, 247WindowsPhone