DROID Pro, business DROID 2, and tablet spotted in Verizon system

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: August 16, 2010

Verizon Motorola inventory

Following up on the leaked Verizon roadmap that we posted a week ago, we now have even more information to add to the Verizon DROID leak pile.  Thanks to a Verizon source, Boy Genius Report has posted a photo of a Big Red inventory screen showing off several new Motorola devices.  According to BGR's source, the DROID Pro, with a 4-inch screen, 1.3 GHz processor, and global capabilities, is the device with the model number A957.  Moto is also working on a business-focused version of the DROID 2 with global roaming abilities.  The business-centric DROID 2, with the model number A956, will launch "relatively soon" in either black or white.  Looking toward other Moto devices, there is the MZ600 in Verizon's system.  However, BGR isn't sure if this the mythical Motorola tablet or simply the "slab form factor" device we heard about in previous rumors.

Verizon and Motorola have both been going all in with Android as of late, and this news just continues that trend.  A business version of the DROID 2 seems like a good idea considering it's one of Verizon's biggest devices in recent memory, and the fact that the normal DROID 2 doesn't totally give off a "business" vibe.  Moving on to the DROID Pro, I have a feeling that Verizon and Moto could see the devices flying off the shelves whenever it finally launches.  So, dear readers, which of these leaked products could become your next device?

Verizon Motorola inventory

Via Boy Genius Report

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