Rumor: 7-inch iPad in the works?

Rumor Dog
Rumor Czar from  Charleston, SC
| August 17, 2010

Is the iPad's 9-inch touchscreen just too much screen for you?  If so, there's good news.  It looks like there might be a smaller 7-inch version available around the holiday season of this year.  According to Taiwan's Economic Daily News, this is the second time news of a 7-inch iPad has been reported.  Digitimes, another Taiwanese newspaper, reported last week that several companies were starting to build the 7-inch iPad for Apple, and EDN claims that Chimei Innolux, Cando Corporation, and Compal Electronics - all Taiwanese companies - will be involved.  None of the aforementioned companies would comment on whether or not they had their hands on the iPad Jr., but would you really expect them to?  So what's it going to be this holiday season, 9 or 7-inches of iPad love?

Via PCWorld

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