Rumor: DROID Pro is the global DROID 2, enV Touch 2 getting Android

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| August 19, 2010

Motorola DROID 2

We've been hearing about the DROID Pro and a new world edition of the DROID 2 quite a bit lately, but a new rumor may change everything for those of you looking forward to the DROID Pro.  Thanks to a source "close to the situation," Engadget has stated that the DROID Pro and the world DROID 2 are actually the same device.  The world-capable DROID Pro will be exactly the same as the DROID 2 except that it will pack a GSM/HSPA radio for use overseas.  Engadget wasn't able to find out if there will, in fact, be a white version of the device, and they also said that the name of the phone may end up changing before it launches.  However, they did say that the device will be launching "within weeks."

Another big surprise came from LG and concerns their enV Touch device.  Engadget has learned that for the enV Touch 2, LG will be making the device into a smartphone running the Android OS.  The device will have two touchscreens, with one on the outside and one on the inside.  It will also sport Android 2.1, but it's unclear if it will get the upgrade to Android 2.2 before its launch, which is pegged for this holiday season.  Finally, the enV Touch 2 will be a global device like the DROID Pro.

As with all rumors, be sure to take this a couple of grains of salt (one for each rumored product).  That said, all of this news comes as quite a surprise.  If the global-ready DROID 2 does turn out to be the DROID Pro, I wonder what the A957 device that we saw in a leaked Verizon screen will turn out to be, if it's even the real deal?  The rumors about the enV Touch 2 are somewhat shocking, as well.  We all kind of expected LG to make an enV Touch 2, but if it ends up running Android, it would come out of left field.  It's great news, don't get me wrong, but I would have never guessed LG would turn one of their most popular feature phones into a smartphone.  What do you make of these rumors, dear readers?

Via Engadget