Do iPhone owners "get lucky" more often? Are Androiders lying cheats?

Published: August 20, 2010

iPhone owners may tend to love their phones more than any other smartphone user, but it looks like the handsets aren’t the only things they’re loving. [Cue Marvin Gay’s “Sexual Healing.”]

The online dating site OKCupid made news recently for releasing some interesting data. It suggests iPhone users are gettin’ pretty busy; in fact, they apparently hit the sheets about twice as often than their Android counterparts. (And it appears the BlackBerry stats fall solidly in the middle. See the chart below.)

I don’t know how OKCupid compiled this data (and in truth, I don’t want to know), but it’s interesting considering the anti-porn stance Apple has been taking with its App Store. Android users, on the other hand, are mostly able to partake in whatever material they want. So are they spending more time in front of their smartphones, and less time in the sack?

Normally I’d ask for comments, but I think I’ll pass this time. Not sure I want to hear anecdotal evidence, one way or the other, on this one. What I will ask, though, is this: Do you think this will add more fuel to the stereotype of Android owners being “geeks” and “nerds”? (Personally, I think it’s an unjust rep — I happen to know plenty of really hip, sexy people with Droids, Galaxies and Evos.)

The Nobel laureates who undoubtedly make up OKCupid’s vast research wing even compiled a chart. You know they’re serious when charts are involved.



Recently, a different spin got added to this weird new twist on the Android vs. iPhone battle: It looks like iPhone users may not necessarily be having more sex after all — they might just be able to admit to it. also released some of its own numbers. Its sole reason for being is to arrange extramarital affairs for people, and it reports that, of the 305,623 smartphone visitors who came to the site last month, 46% (or 143,000 hits) were from Android users. (iPhone owners comprised 37%, or 114,000 visits.)

On the surface, this looks pretty bad. But you can’t take those numbers at face value. There are 60+ million iPhones out there. Androids, across all the devices and carriers, number around 75 million. So of course, these results are skewed. If there are more Android phones in circulation than iPhones, then it makes sense that the platform would comprise a higher number of visits.

Friends, this is the argument to give if your significant other finds this factoid somewhere and starts getting suspicious.

Via: MobileCrunch