Android App Review: Poynt

Taylor Martin
 from Concord, NC
Published: August 22, 2010

Some would call me a Poynt fanboy, and I will not deny those claims. I have been a long time user of the Poynt application and am very excited to finally see its debut on the Android platform.

There are little to no differences between the BlackBerry or iPhone applications and the Android version, but I felt the need to review it again and give all of you Android lovers some insight on the greatness that is Poynt. For those unaware, Poynt is a location based search application that gives you instant access to yellow and white pages, gas prices, restaurants, and theaters/movie times. Poynt will also give you weather information like the current weather and a five-day forecast, which is powered by AccuWeather.

Businesses – This is one of the most useful tools within the application. There are times when I’m at work and someone asks me the number for another store location. Sometimes, rather than using the nearby terminal to pull the information, it’s quicker and easier to use Poynt. (You can even use it to find the nearest location that sells the iPhone 4.)

People – This feature is still, and probably will remain the least used feature by me. I almost never call someone’s landline number. Actually, I bet I only have five or so landlines stored in my sea of numbers in my phone. However, it is still a very useful tool to some. Simply punch in the credentials of the person you’re searching for and viola! You should have before you a list of all the local, matching results.

Movie This is why I love Poynt. There are other movie time applications out there like Fandango and Movies, and it may just be my long-time dedication to Poynt, but they just don’t feel as nice as Poynt. From the movie search section of Poynt, you can view surrounding theaters, movies that are playing, top 10 movies, genres, and just a general search. Within the subsections (movies and theaters specifically), you can view movie times, details, trailers, read the synopses, and even buy movie tickets.

Gas Prices – I rarely ever use the gas prices section of Poynt, mainly because I rarely ever check the prices. When my gas gauge is nearing E, I pull into the nearest gas station. Generally, I try to plan out my days and go to the same gas station every time. But if I were on a vacation somewhere, I would more than likely consult Poynt’s Gas Prices feature to help keep the fluff in my wallet.

Restaurants – Simply put, I use the restaurant search a lot. Poynt lets you narrow down local restaurants by name, distance, and cuisine. If you’re craving some Basque, consult your fingertip-friendly, know-all application to point you in the right direction. One benefit to using Poynt on Android is the instant ability to use Google Maps and use the Google Navigation to find your selection. Poynt will provide you with information such as the address of the restaurant, the phone number, and if you select “Map” you can use Google find restaurant reviews.

I will not lie, Poynt is an awesome application, but it is still a little buggy on Android. I’ve been experiencing some lag here and there and every once in a while, the application will force close on me. It isn’t anything too serious, but it does take away from the smooth experience I’m used to with Poynt. I’m sure with an update or two, it will be running as smooth as the BlackBerry or iPhone versions.

I'm fairly certain that my favorite thing about Poynt is the fact that it is an all-in-one application. Rather than using Urban Spoon or Fandago separately, simply install one application that offers all of the same services, and looks good while doing it. If you use Poynt, follow them on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook. The Poynt team is awesome and is always having giveaways for the best Poynt success stories. Who doesn’t love winning stuff? If you want more information on Poynt, click here and visit their website.