Android's new copy protection cracked, Google responds

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: August 24, 2010

Android copy protection

About a month ago, we saw Google implement a new security method to help prevent piracy of Android apps.  Unfortunately, it looks like users have already found a way to circumvent Google's new system, with some sites even posting instructions on how to do it.  Google's Tim Bray has responded to the situation on the Android Developers Blog, explaining that the service is still "very young" and that some developers have been using a very simple version of the protection and have neglected to properly obscure their code.  Bray also said that the Android Market is a safe way for devs to get their products to consumers and that their licensing server makes it even safer.

It's not surprising that Google's new system has been cracked, as even Bray acknowledges that "100% piracy protection is never possible in any system that runs third-party code."  Still, I'm sure as more and more devs implement the system into their apps and learn how to more effectively use it, the copy protection will improve.  Another way Google could lower piracy is to allow paid apps in more than the current 13 countries, especially considering how the explosion of popularity that Android has been seeing.  Remember, folks, paying devs for their hard work not only gets you more quality apps, it attracts more devs to the platform and helps it to grow!

Via Android Developers Blog