Samsung Fascinate pre-order begins at Best Buy on August 29th

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| August 27, 2010

Samsung Fascinate Verizon

Yesterday we heard a rumor that the Samsung Fascinate would be launching on Verizon, the only big carrier without a Galaxy S variant, on September 9th.  While we still haven't heard anything from Samsung or Verizon, Best Buy has all but confirmed it with their announcement today that they will begin taking pre-orders for the Fascinate on August 29th.  If you are a card-carrying member of Best Buy's Reward Zone, you can get your pre-order in on August 27th (that's today).  There's still no info on pricing or a release available, but I'm sure all will be revealed sooner rather than later.

Both AT&T and T-Mobile are selling their Galaxy S variants for $199.99 on contract, and I'm sure we can expect Verizon to announce similar pricing on the Fascinate.  The only thing up in the air is the release date, but a timeline that begins with an August 29th pre-order, has devices being shipped out on September 6th, and pegs a launch for September 9th sounds pretty reasonable to me.  How many of you have been able to ignore the allure of the DROID X and DROID 2 so that you could snag a Fascinate?

Via IntoMobile, Best Buy

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