Apple iOS 4.1 will not include iPhone 4 proximity sensor fix

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| August 30, 2010

iPhone 4 proximity sensor

The iPhone 4's antenna issue is probably the most documented flaw with the new handset, but some users have been experiencing problems with the iPhone 4's proximity sensor, as well.  At their "Antennagate" event last month, Apple said that a fix for the proximity sensor problems would be coming with the next big update, but that may no longer be true.  The folks at The Next Web are reporting that, according to an Australian Apple spokesperson, iOS 4.1 will not include the fix for the iPhone 4 proximity sensor problem that some users have been having.  iOS 4.1 has been going through its final beta stages, so we should all find out shortly whether or not the fix is in the update.

While the iPhone 4's proximity sensor issue doesn't seem to be quite as widespread as its antenna flaw, it's every bit as debilitating.  That is, unless you enjoy randomly hanging up on people.  Since this isn't the type of problem that a free bumper can solve, I hope that if a proximity sensor fix isn't included in iOS 4.1, they can push it out soon thereafter.  How many of you iPhone 4 owners out there have been plagued by proximity sensor woes?

Via IntoMobile, The Next Web

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