DROID X's leaked Android 2.2 build won't see official updates

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: August 31, 2010

Motorola DROID X Android 2.2 leak

Remember that leaked Android 2.2 build for the DROID X that we saw almost two weeks ago?  Hopefully you didn't install if you were hoping to move up to the official Froyo build when Motorola gets around to releasing it next month.  Moto has said that there is "currently no upgrade path from that load to the official 2.2 load," and that users that did install the leaked build could potentially be stuck on that version.

It's somewhat disappointing that Motorola is so adamant against the hacking of their devices, but this is the risk you take when you device to hack your handset or flash it with custom firmware.  A similar situation happened with HTC's EVO 4G when an early, incomplete build of Froyo popped up on HTC's site for download.  Eventually HTC got those users that installed the update up to speed with the official version of Android 2.2.  

Via Motorola

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