Nokia N8 launching on September 30th

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| September 6, 2010

Nokia N8

Nokia's N8 is one of the company's most anticipated handsets in recent memory, and now those of us that pre-ordered the device last month have a release day to circle on our calendars.  Tapani Kaskinen, Nokia's Senior Comms Manager, has told Finnish newspaper Kauppalehti that pre-orders of the N8 will begin shipping on September 30th.  If you're especially eager to get your hands on the N8 and live in the U.K., the folks at Nok Nok believe that the handset will be available from Nokia U.K.'s online store beginning September 23rd for a one-week exclusive stay.  

With its 3.5-inch touchscreen and 12 megapixel camera, the N8 is sure to be a big seller for Nokia, especially with those of us photo enthusiasts that want the best camera possible on our handset.  Sure, the $549 price tag may be a little steep for customers used to carrier subsidies, but the high specs of the N8 make it worthy of the cost.  Maybe we'll even see a U.S. carrier offer the N8 at some point in the future.  So, Nokia, now that the N8 is almost here, how about letting a little information about the N9 slip, too?

Via Engadget, Kauppalehti, Nok Nok

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