BlackBerry Torch sales are slow, according to one AT&T exec

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: September 8, 2010

BlackBerry Torch 9800 AT&T

Research In Motion and AT&T teamed up to release the BlackBerry Torch a little under a month ago and, according to one AT&T executive, the device isn't selling quite as well as hoped.  Speaking at the Mobile Future Forward conference, Fred Devereux, AT&T's President of Wireless Operations in the U.S. West, said that he was "surprised" that people weren't adopting the new device quickly, echoing news that we've heard about Torch sales in the past.  Devereux continued, saying that there was "tremendous momentum" for Android.  AT&T has since come out with a public statement, saying that it's "pleased with Torch sales so far."

After the BlackBerry Torch was launched, many reviewers believed that while the new BlackBerry 6 OS was a big improvement, the Torch was simply underpowered, especially when compared to high-end Android devices and the iPhone 4.  Until RIM is able to launch a BlackBerry with specs that match up with other state of the art phones (1 GHz processor, HD video recording, high-res screen, etc.), I'm not sure that their devices will appeal to many people that aren't business users or existing 'Berry addicts.  In the meantime, RIM would do well to launch the Torch on some other carriers to help boost sales of the handset.  If you own a BlackBerry Torch, share your thoughts of the phone with us.  Are you happy with your purchase?  What would you change about it?

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