AT&T to launch Galaxy Tab, white BlackBerry Torch, Samsung Focus in Q4

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: September 13, 2010

AT&T BlackBerry Torch Samsung Galaxy Tab

AT&T customers looking for a new smartphone, prepare to have your decision become a lot more difficult after today.  The folks over at Engadget have received information on a slew of hot new handsets hitting AT&T in the near future, and the good news is that there's something for just about everyone.  First up is confirmation that the carrier will be launching their own branded Samsung Galaxy Tab and that it will be made available "prior to December."  That's not the end of the Android love, though, as AT&T is said to be launching three other Android devices before December, too.  Next up is Windows Phone 7, with AT&T reportedly releasing the Samsung Cetus as one of their first WP7 phones, along with the Samsung Focus and HTC Surround.  Engadget also believes that three more WP7 handsets will hit AT&T before the holidays are up.  Finally, the BlackBerry Torch will be receiving a few new paint jobs, with the portrait-sliding 'Berry coming in either all white, red and black, or olive configurations.  The colored Torches will be a part of a limited run that will be released in "mid to late November."

Since AT&T still doesn't have a large lineup of Android phones (at least when compared to some other carriers), it's great to see them launching multiple Android handsets in the next few months.  As for Windows Phone 7, we already knew that AT&T wants to be the No. 1 WP7 carrier, so it's not surprising to learn that they'll be releasing so many phones with Microsoft's new OS.  We haven't seen the Samsung Focus or HTC Surround yet, but perhaps that leaked Samsung i8700 is the Focus and the HTC T8788 is the Surround?  We'll have to wait and see.  Finally, I'm excited to see the Torch coming out in so many different colors.  RIM has been marketing the Torch as a mainstream-friendly device, and if there's one thing that the mainstream loves, it's color choices.  I think the red/black model looks particularly hot.  There's only a few months left in 2010, so you'd better prepare yourselves now for this barrage of devices to hit!

Via Engadget