Service Tattler to relaunch as RateCred

Nicole Cozma
 from  Chicago
| Published: September 14, 2010


Service Tattler was released early in the Android app game. The only similar apps on the market before its release would have been Foursquare and Gowalla. Unfortunately, neither of those apps puts a focus on the quality of service received like Service Tattler does. This app is designed around the experience of the restaurant guest and even helps calculate tips based on the current meal.

From asking whether or not you were greeted with a smile upon your arrival to the time it took to get your drinks, appetizers, and main course (with included stopwatches), Service Tattler has all of your dining experience covered. Some of the fan-favorites on the "boo" (meaning negative qualities) tab in the app are: "had to wave down server AGAIN," "had to go to server station," and my personal favorite, "existential breakdown in a soulless prison." Reading reviews where that last option was picked to describe the experience is a real treat.

Tattling has become pretty popular, which is what brings Service Tattler to its relaunch as RateCred. The re-branding of this app will bring new features with it, as well. Twitter integration will be improved for sharing your tattles and their site says the app will sport a new look. But that's not all--RateCred will be international, launching in 66 new countries! Service Tattler told their followers over the last few days that they are moving to their new Twitter account @ratecred and are also offering extremely limited beta testing. Check out the RateCred Testers form to see if you can grab a spot!

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