Commitment-Phobe's Journey: Guilty pleasure apps

Lauren Stern
Columnist from  Philadelphia, PA
| September 16, 2010

I am not embarrassed to admit that reality television has long been one of my guilty pleasures.  I think the same goes for many people out there, although some tend to favor the more “respectable” shows like Deadliest Catch or American Idol, and others like myself head straight for The Hills or Housewives.  Since the days of the original season of Survivor, indulging in celeb-reality drama has remained a tried and true way to unwind, de-stress and otherwise slow down the constant wheels turning in my head.  These days, between work, home and a toddler, I have little time to catch up on all the reality shows patiently waiting on my DVR and forget about picking up a weekly gossip magazine.  

So what’s a gal to do?  Apparently, in this day and age, if you have an information need, there’s generally an app that can help.  Two webOS apps that I’ve found for quick and easy (and free!) celebrity gossip are Celebrity Tweets and People.  

I was initially a little skeptical about the first app, as I don’t have a Twitter account.  But true to the description, no account was required.  Just download the app and go.  This app, which provides celebrity twitter feeds, is fairly straight-forward and easy to navigate.  The home screen gives you four options: People, Favorites, Trends and Search.  You can find celebrity twitter pages using the People option, which allows you to browse by category, or the Search option, which finds celebrity pages by a name search.  Once you have selected a celebrity twitter page to view, you can then click on the “Add to Favorites” button at the bottom of the screen and it will automatically show up in the Favorites section for future easy access.  


The People app has the potential to be a fun source of current celebrity gossip, the one caveat being whether it decides to open.  The app downloaded quickly for me, but opening it has been hit or miss.  Sometimes it opens and sometimes it just freezes.  When it does work, it brings up the latest celebrity news headlines, which can be clicked on to view the full story.  From the drop-down menu, you can also view photos, an alphabetical listing of celebrities, each clickable for the latest news regarding that person, and the top five stories of the moment.  

I am not sure that I need and definitely don’t have time for up to the minute play by plays of celebrity life, but the combination of Celebrity Tweets and People bring a good balance to my guilty pleasure (a balance that would be even better with a People update to fix the freezing issue).  The best part about both apps is that they require very little time investment and in return, provide on-demand celebrity gossip.

What are your guilty pleasure apps?