BlackBerry 9570 spotted running BlackBerry 6, may be Storm2 refresh [UPDATED]

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| September 22, 2010

BlackBerry 9570

Remember that alleged Storm3 photo from a couple of days ago?  Well, aren't any closer to knowing if the device is question is real or not (sorry!), but we do know that it may not be the next Storm.  What you see in the photo above is said to be a screenshot of a BlackBerry 9570 running BlackBerry 6.  As you probably know, the Storm2's model number is 9550, leading many to believe that the 9570 isn't really a Storm3, more like a Storm2.5.  This all matches up nicely with a leaked slide that we saw a while back which showed off what looked like a Storm2, but touted 512 MB of RAM and BB 6.

It may be disappointing to learn that RIM isn't really making any radical changes to the upcoming Storm refresh, but it makes sense for the company to have a handset capable of running their new OS.  The Storm2 certainly isn't able to run BlackBerry 6 since it doesn't have the all-important 512 MB of RAM.  I just feel bad for those Storm2 owners that are going to be left out of the BB6 fun when an extremely similar device hits the market, probably later this year.  Then again, obsolescence is nothing new when it comes to the cellular industry, right?

UPDATE:  It seems that BBLeaks has gone ahead and posted actual photos of the 9570 for us and guess what?  It's exactly the same as the Storm2, save for the upgrade in RAM to make it BlackBerry 6-ready.  As you can see in the photo, the handset is already running BB6.  Any Storm2 owners feeling a little burned?

BlackBerry 9570 side

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