BlackBerry Style 9670 appears in Sprint database

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| September 27, 2010

BlackBerry Style 9670 Sprint

Research In Motion's upcoming BlackBerry Style 9670 has been the star of a number of leaks as of late, and today we've got another one that's pretty important.  What you're looking at above is a photo of internal Sprint systems, indicating that the Style 9670 has made its way into the carrier's database.  At this point in the 9670's life, CrackBerry believes that we're not far out from hearing an official announcement, with a launch coming approximately 60 days after that.  Perhaps an announcement at BlackBerry DEVCON isn't out of the question?

We've seen photos of the BlackBerry Style 9670 leak out with Sprint branding in the past, so it's not terribly surprising to see it show up in the carrier's systems.  After seeing the pattern that most CDMA BlackBerrys follow, you can probably bet that we'll be seeing a Verizon-branded 9670 launching around the same time as the Sprint model.  We may not be seeing the mythical BlackBerry tablet at DEVCON, but at least we've got the 9670 coming soon to lessen the blow, right...?

Via CrackBerry

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