Verizon leaks aplenty: Storm3 canceled, Android frenzy, LTE modems

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: September 30, 2010

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We've seen a whole mess of news concerning various current and upcoming products lately, but with this news today, we've got to be breaking some sort of Guinness World Record.  They've got a category for most phone news articles, right?  Anyway, the folks at Engadget have received several tips from several tipsters today concerning all kinds of Verizon devices, so if you've got any interest in Big Red, you'd be wise to read up on the following info:

  • The BlackBerry 9570, aka Storm3, has been canceled entirely.  Apparently the minor improvements over the Storm2, mostly BlackBerry 6 compatibility, weren't important enough for Verizon to bother releasing the device.
  • The Samsung Continuum, which was photographed earlier today, will sport a 1 GHz processor and launch around late October/early November.
  • The Motorola Venus, which Verizon claims has a "BlackBerry look and feel," will be released in October.  The Venus is said to have a QWERTY keyboard beneath its screen, like a BlackBerry or the Motorola Charm, and will sport a 1 GHz chip, both CDMA and GSM radios, as well as Android 2.2.
  • The DROID Pro, which Engadget believes is the DROID 2 World Edition, is scheduled to hit retail in late October/early November.  The DROID Pro will reportedly have a 1.3 GHz processor, Android 2.2, CDMA and GSM radios, and Flash 10 under the hood.
  • The LG enV Touch 2/enV Pro is coming in November with Android onboard.  This device will maintain the enV Touch form factor, but will be powered by a 1 GHz chip and will be global-ready.
  • The Motorola Stingray/MZ600 tablet is coming in Q1 of 2011.  The Stingray's specs allegedly include a 10-inch display, Android 3.0, 16 GB of internal storage, and a Tegra 2 core.  Also, the Stingray is said to be launching initially with CDMA-only, but will be hardware-upgradeable to LTE.
  • The FiveSpot will be released October 7th, with three LTE USB modems to follow in November and an LTE MiFi after that.  The USB modems will be from LG, Pantech, and Novatel.  A release for the LTE MiFi is planned in Q4 2010 or Q1 2011.

There you have it, folks.  I'm not terribly surprised to see Verizon cancel the Storm3 considering that it was basically a Storm2 with BB6, but the news is still pretty disappointing for Storm fans out there.  One of the most interesting devices in this leak has to be the Motorola Venus and its BlackBerry form factor.  Many reviewers, including our own Sydney, felt that the Moto Charm was a great little device held back by lackluster specs.  Hopefully the Venus can be the high-end version of the Charm that many Android fans have been pining for.  The LG enV Pro should be a capable handset that will help transition folks used to the enV line of messaging phones to their first smartphone.  Finally, the Moto Stingray has the specs and potential to be a huge hit and could really take the fight to Apple's iPad.  With LTE capabilities, the Stingray may be nearly unstoppable.  Now that we've had enough time to thoroughly read and digest all of this new info, what do you readers think?  Which device stands out most to you?  How will the Stingray fare in the increasingly-crowded tablet market?  Tell us below!

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