T-Mobile G2 Review: Aaron's First Impressions

Aaron Baker
member from Dallas, TX
Published: October 4, 2010

Noah and I were working away on Friday morning when we received the HTC (T-Mobie) G2.  Initially, I was a bit skeptical about the design, and more specifically, the hinge.  Once we finished up the unboxing however (which you can watch here), my opinion was changed.  Here's what I've discovered about the G2 in a weekend of testing:

  • I'm a fan of the G2's design.  It's less radical than the G1, and the two-toned grey color scheme gives it a professional-level look.  The metal battery door is a nice touch, and I like how there's a physical release switch on the outside of the device.
  • The 3.7-inch screen is nice, and colors are crisp.  That said, it's not anything fancy, so AMOLED or Retina toting customers that are looking into a potential migration may be disappointed.  Like the Nexus One, I find that the capacitive display is a bit off at times - in several instances, the scrolling seemed off while navigating through the menu.
  • The G2 is fast, with no lag (that I could find, at least).  Yes, it sports an 800 MHz processor, but it's a newer generation processor.  Furthermore, they're two entirely different processor generations - comparing them would be like comparing today's 2 GHz processors to 2007's 2.2 GHz processors.  Completely different.  So when you walk into the store and see competing Android devices with 1 GHz processors, don't assume they're faster.

  • It's surprisingly thin, and reasonably light.  I've always disliked QWERTY-packing phones just because of the added heft, but HTC did a nice job of trimming the fat where it counts.  On that note, I really like the hinge.  I was skeptical of the unique design at first, but after using it, I'm finding how functional it really is.  It's also addicting.  I realized that this weekend after I spent 20 minutes flipping the device open and closed while reading a book.
  • The QWERTY keyboard is nice and roomy.  Typically, I'm not a fan of island keys, but the G2 pulls it off.  Plus, the centered keyboard makes for a much improved experience over the G1.  I'm typically a fan of on-screen typing, but I found myself flipping the device open more often than usual.  I like the "Quick Keys" that come on the physical QWERTY keyboard, but I wish they were available on the outside of the device.

  • Battery life is on par with every other Android device.  I charged it on Saturday morning, and with moderate use like calling, text messaging, browsing the web, and use of the Android Market, I was at 45 percent by around 6 PM.  For anything more than moderate use, expect to have to charge the device more than once per day.  
  • Overall, voice quality seems to be good.  The earpiece is loud enough, and call quality was very good.  I noticed quite a bit of switching between 3G and EDGE while the device was idle, but I'm not sure how much of that is the G2 versus general reception issues in the Bay Area.

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