Samsung Transform user guide leak: vanilla Android and Sprint IDs? [UPDATED]

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: October 5, 2010

Samsung Transform user guide

Speculation has been surrounding Sprint's upcoming Android device from Samsung, the SPH-M920 Transform, and just what the device would be.  Today things have been made much clearer, though, as the Transform's user guide has leaked out.  Most interesting about the handset is that it looks to be rocking vanilla Android 2.2, a rarity in the recent sea of Senses, MOTOBLURs, and TouchWizes.  The Transform gets its name from a "Sprint ID" softkey that will allow users to customize their handset.  Sprint ID packs are described as "more than a user interface skin" which contain "features and functions ranging from icons, wallpapers, menus, and applications" to help transform your Transform (zing!) to better help fit your needs.  Different ID packs can be downloaded and installed using a Sprint ID app on the device and can be bought online from the Sprint Store.  In addition to all of the Sprint ID goodness, the usual smartphone trappings like a camera (3 megapixels), WiFi, Bluetooth, and micro SD slot with a 2 GB card will all be present on the Transform.

As the days go by, the Transform is increasingly looking like a mid-range replacement to the Intercept on Sprint, which makes sense given its model number.  If the device is actually running vanilla Froyo, then I have to give major kudos to Sprint and Samsung for making that inclusion.  There's definitely nothing wrong with having some skins on Android every now and then, but it's also nice to have an option with a more stock experience, too.  That October 10th release date for the Transform is starting to look pretty legit, huh?

UPDATE: That was fast.  After only being up for a few hours, Sprint has pulled the user guide from the site.

Via Boy Genius Report, Sprint

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