Snaptic relaunches as Catch

Nicole Cozma
 from  Chicago
| October 6, 2010


Snaptic, the company behind 3banana note-taking application, has relaunched as Catch. With the company name change comes one for their main app (3banana), which is now called Catch Notes. They also managed to snag, which deserves some recognition on its own. Of the new features, the most notable is that users can now sort the order of notes (by creation date, modification date, or alphabetical), which is something the comments in the Android Market had been asking for. Also, those useful hashtags that the app implements for organizing notes by content material are now actual links. Clicking a tag will bring up all notes in your notebook with that same tag.

Of course the features that were already loved in what's now called Catch Notes are still there. Users can sign in with Google, attach photos to their notes, or set reminders. Notes can be shared via email, Facebook, and Twitter. There's also a handy widget to make note-taking super easy. And to keep your notes private, everything in their service is transmitted over a 256-bit SSL connection, even the mobile syncing to their site. However, if you decide to share your notes by syncing to the web, and geotag them in the process, you can find other notes added in that general location. Each note is private by default and sharing is done on an individual basis.

Note-taking is not the only application that Catch dabbles in, they also have a nifty Compass app, which can display digital and analog modes. This app can also help you find your way back to any note you may have geotagged. One other neat feature to note: you can figure out your moving speed with this app--another great tool for those who enjoy the outdoors, in addition to the cardinal directions. If you're going to take your phone with you, why not grab this app, too?

Check out their new site:

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