Commitment-Phobe's Journey: Angry Birds for WebOS

Lauren Stern
Columnist from  Philadelphia, PA
| October 7, 2010

Downloading Angry Birds was my first priority after the recent webOS update and so far I haven’t been disappointed.  I am clearly no gamer or expert of the sort, but I had to check out all the hype and even I can appreciate the addicting brain-teasing time-passer that is Angry Birds.  The fun graphics and simple premise with physics-minded challenges equate to the perfect game for anyone needing to pass a few minutes and then some.

Similar to other versions of Angry Birds, the underlying story is that a pack of hungry pigs stole the birds’ eggs, incensing the birds.  Your mission is to pass each increasingly more complex level by catapulting the provided birds one by one, using a slingshot and physics trajectory knowledge, to destroy the pigs and structures standing in your way.  As the levels advance and become more difficult, you will find new birds in your arsenal, possessing unique powers.  These special talents include among other things the ability to multiply and accelerate in speed with a single tap of the screen after launch.  However, as the birds get more clever, so do the pigs.  Adding to the challenge, the pigs use fortifications of varying styles and materials including glass, wood and concrete and even wear helmets from time to time.  

While the main goal of the game is to pass each successive level by destroying all of the pigs, you can further test your physics and logic skills by maximizing your points and accomplishing a three star award for the level.  The key here is to inflict the most destruction using the fewest amount of birds, so you will want to explore differing angles in conjunction with use of the birds’ special powers.  If that doesn’t wet your appetite enough, the snorting, mocking pigs will certainly keep you coming back for more.

Rovio has come out with two versions of the game for webOS, Angry Birds and Angry Birds Lite.  The former is the full version with 150 levels and goes for $1.99 in the App Catalog, while anyone less willing to commit can opt for the Lite version and get the same action with only 15 levels for the fantastic price of free.  So regardless of who you are and what interests you, if you have a Palm smartphone, stop stalling and try one of the Angry Birds apps.  It’s the number one mobile game out right now so why not check out all the buzz?