Rumor: Sprint Samsung Galaxy Tab launching Nov. 14 for $399 on contract

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| October 8, 2010

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Ever since Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Tab in the U.S., the carriers have been rather quiet about their individual launch plans for the new tablet.  Unfortunately, that hasn't changed, but we do have another rumor for you!  According to a Sprint source speaking to Boy Genius Report, the country's No. 3 carrier will be releasing their version of the Galaxy Tab on November 14th for $399 with a two-year contract.  If you're a little wary of signing away two years of your mobile life, you can expect to pay $599 full retail for the Tab.

If these rumors end up being true, I'm a little worried for Sprint's Galaxy Tab adoption.  I'm not sure how many customers are going to want to pay $400 for a tablet and be stuck in a two-year contract with it.  When it comes to full retail, $600 actually isn't a bad price considering that Apple's second cheapest iPad costs the same amount.  Still, I'd like to see Sprint get the Tab's contract price down to at least $299, while the ideal price would be around $199 to match the cost of high-end smartphones.  No matter the final pricing, I just hope that Sprint's data options for the Tab are better than those rumored for AT&T.  What do you all think of Sprint's rumored Galaxy Tab prices?

Via Boy Genius Report

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