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If you're not exactly up to swallowing the tough knot of an expensive on-contract phone, Sprint now has a solution for you! As of yesterday, Sprint has started a Certified Pre-Owned Device Program and are offering three phones to be sold on contract for a wallet-friendly price. You can now purchase the BlackBerry Tour, the Sanyo Juno (in pink and blue), and the Samsung Reclaim in earth green as pre-owned devices. The pricing structure for these phones is as follows:

  • BlackBerry Tour at $79.99, and
  • Samsung Reclaim in green and Sanyo 2700 (Juno) in pink and blue are each available for $49.99.
  • Customers with a new two year contract can get the Hero & Tour at $29.99 and the green Reclaim or pink & blue 2700 for FREE.

If you're worried about the condition of a refurbished phone, never fear! The phones go through rigorous testing and are re-manufactured if necessary, and set back to OEM standards. Every Sprint pre-owned certified devices is:

  • Prepared for resale by facilities certified by the original manufacturer of the device.
  • Subjected to a comprehensive 30-plus point quality checklist to ensure compliance with Sprint standards,
  • Inspected for any cosmetic defects to make sure your device looks like new
  • Returned to factory default settings, and
  • Updated to the most current system software.

Sprint is offering this program to help give devices a "second life" and helps them achieve their recycling goals. You have to hand it to Sprint, their ambitions toward recycling and reusing devices is respectable and for a great cause. If you're not totally against owning a refurbished device, you could consider purchasing a Sprint certified pre-owned device next time you upgrade and help achieve a greater good.

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