Rumor: Verizon iPhone landing in March 2011

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| October 14, 2010

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The Verizon iPhone has always been a hot topic, but that's especially true lately as evidence of the device's existence and impending release continues to grow.  Now everyone is chiming in with their opinion of if and when the iBigRedPhone will launch, and today we've got speculation from Brian Marshall of Gleacher & Co.  Marshall says that the phone is "on track" for a launch in March 2011.  In addition, Marshall believes that the CDMA iPhone will be coming to several international carriers, like KDDI in Japan, as well as Verizon.

While the previous Verizon iPhone rumor that kickstarted all of this recent speculation stated that the device would be coming "early next year," most assume that it would launch in January.  Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg is giving the keynote speech at CES 2011 at the beginning of January, and many believe that he'll take the opportunity to announce the VZW iPhone.  I'm starting to believe that the handset exists, and while I would still be a little surprised by a January launch, I think that that sounds more plausible than a March release.  Apple has been releasing their iPhones in the summer every year so far, and I doubt that they would release a Verizon iPhone in March and then a new model a few months later.  At least with a January debut, the phone would be out for around six months before the new version is unveiled.  Nothing is even close to confirmed at this point, though, so take every bit of info with a grain of salt.  What do you all think of the possibility of the Verizon iPhone launching in March?

Via SlashGear, ComputerWorld

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