White iPhone 4 spotted in the wild, delayed due to paint problems?

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| October 15, 2010

White iPhone 4

When Apple officially unveiled the iPhone 4 back in July, both black and white models were promised.  Fast-forward three months, and the white iPhone 4 is still missing from store shelves.  No one has been able to nail down exactly why the white iPhone is still absent, but one rumor blamed light leakage problems as the culprit.  Today we've got another possible explanation in the form of paint issues.  The folks at Pocket-lint spotted a man with a white iPhone 4 in New York City and, like any other inquisitive blog would've done, they stopped the guy and asked him about his albino device.  His response?  Apple actually has a stockpile of white iPhone 4s and his friend, an Apple employee, snagged one for him.  He continued, explaining that the reason Apple is withholding the white iPhones is because the white paint used on the Home button and the paint used on the case of the devices aren't matching up.  Steve Jobs is known to be a bit of a perfectionist, so it's not surprising that he wouldn't release a mismatched white iPhone 4.  The question is, is it all true?

It seems kind of strange that the iPhone 4 has been available for months, and in development much longer, and Apple still hasn't been able to perfect the paint work on the white model.  Like I said, though, Steve Jobs won't release a product unless it meets his stringent requirements.  While a white iPhone 4 would still likely have decent sales, I have a feeling that a majority of the customers that originally wanted one have given in and either purchased a black model or moved on to a different device.  Plus, there's that whole Verizon iPhone thing.  Are any of you still waiting for a white iPhone 4?

Via BGR, Pocket-lint

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