Rumor: T-Mobile to introduce new 200MB, $9.99 per month data plan

Published: October 17, 2010


Let's face it: the mandatory data plans that carriers tack on to smartphones aren't universally loved.  Sure, many people buy a smartphone simply so they can access the Internet on their mobile device, but some simply want a good messaging phone that can be hooked up to a WiFi connection to check the occasional web page.  While I'm sure we won't be seeing mandatory data plans disappear any time soon, it's rumored that T-Mobile is going to be easing the pain of their customers with a cheaper data option.  Along with their $30 per month unlimited plan, T-Mo customers can choose a $9.99 per month plan that will give them 200MB of data.  If a customer on the 200MB plan exceeds his or her allotment, they'll be given the option to upgrade to the unlimited option.  The $9.99 plan is said to be going live in late November.

With T-Mobile's recent announcement that they'll be throttling heavy data users rather than charging them exorbitant fees and now this news, it's looking like the No. 4 carrier is becoming a good choice for light and heavy data users alike.  200MB may not seem like much to those of us that are using Facebook, Twitter, and email all day, but it's great that T-Mo is giving smartphone owners a choice.  The $9.99 option is definitely a good way to go if you spend the majority of your time around WiFi hotspots or just need to check a website every now and then.  So, are any of you out there planning to jump on this new data plan when it becomes available next month?

Via TmoNews

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