Rumor: Gingerbread deatils leak, includes redesigned UI and video chat

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| October 18, 2010

Gingerbread Nexus One

Ever since we first learned about Gingerbread, rumors have been swirling about just what Google had in store for the next iteration of the Android OS.  The folks over at Phandroid have reportedly gotten details on the impending update, and here's what they say will be in store for us when Gingerbread finally arrives (originally slated for Q4 2010, but is said to have been pushed back to Q1 2011):

  • Redesigned, cleaner icons
  • Much more green present throughout the OS (like the Browser and Dialer buttons in the image above)
  • "Slate grey" notification bar with much more noticeable carrier branding
  • Make Google apps work more as an "extension of the OS"
  • "Bounce" effect in lists
  • Hardware acceleration
  • Built-in video chat similar to the desktop implementation of Google Talk
  • Ability to receive Google Voice calls over both WiFi and cellular networks

We've been hearing for some time that a user interface overhaul was going to be the focus of Gingerbread, and definitely looks like Google is holding true to that.  Andy Rubin also hinted recently that Gingerbread would be centered around "more forms of communication," and bringing both video chat and a better Google Voice seems like a good way to do that.  However, many people will be excited about the redesigned UI.  While Android definitely allows for endless customizations, not everyone is in love with the look and feel of the stock OS, and Google looks to be aiming to please us all with Gingerbread.  So, readers, if all of this information becomes reality, will Gingerbread and all of its enhancements whet your appetite for a new dessert?

Via Phandroid