Turn mundane chores into a game with EpicWin

Kristi Evans
Columnist from  Money-Makin' Manhattan
| Published: October 19, 2010

epicwin 1

Are you the kind of person who needs a little motivation to get your projects done? Ever look at your calendar and wish it weren’t so dull? EpicWin by Supermono is an iPhone app that essentially transforms your to-do list into a role-playing game.  It’s a very clever idea and the app makes it fun to get your chores done, but there should be a way to sync your current calendar and create events that repeat daily on weekdays.  All in all, it's a cute concept that's almost an epic win at the low price of $2.99.
Start by choosing your avatar: Dwarf, Warrior Priestess, Skelly, Warrior, or Treeman Berserker. Three of these options are free and two can be bought for supplement cash. The art is simple yet cool, with nice animation on the profile page. Begin entering your tasks and assigning them a point value or “epicness.” You will need to choose whether this particular event is a feat of strength, stamina, intellect, social or spirit. You can repeat the event daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.
epicwin 2
Once you’ve completed a task, you click and hold on the points icon and see a tiny animated battle between your character and a boss resulting in a win. When you reach a checkpoint on the map, you can earn loot and every so often, level up. On the loot page, you can see the map of your progress and the items you’ve picked up along the way.
I think it would be more productive to have a calendar view, not just the events listed chronologically, as well as being able to sync events from another calendar but word is that updates are on the way. Any fan of RPG is sure to be impressed at the time taken by the developers to really integrate those gaming characteristics into the app. EpicWin definitely has potential and is a simple, fun way to make your mundane chores a little more exciting.