BlackBerry PlayBook displays its Flash capabilities at Adobe conference

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| October 25, 2010

BlackBerry PlayBook Flash

RIM officially unveiled the BlackBerry PlayBook almost a month ago, but at the time they opted not to show the device in action.  Today at Adobe's MAX conference, though, RIM showed off their tablet for all to see, explaining that the PlayBook will be bringing the full Internet to users rather than trying to "dumb it down."  To demonstrate this, the PlayBook was used to navigate to the full YouTube site and, of course, play a video featuring the PlayBook directly from the page thanks to the inclusion of Flash.  Check out the full clip down below.

Some of the parts of the PlayBook looked a little slow during the demonstration, but that's to be expected since the device isn't even supposed to launch until early 2011.  Overall, everything looked pretty smooth and I'm even more excited about the tablet now than I was before.  Has this short video demo convinced any of you to ignore the iPad and all of the upcoming Android tablets and buy a PlayBook when it comes out or are you going to wait a little longer before committing yourself to one particular tablet platform?

Via Gizmodo, SAI

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