Samsung Galaxy Tab WiFi-only model leaks with a $499.99 price tag

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| October 25, 2010

WiFi-only Samsung Galaxy Tab

Ever since the Samsung Galaxy Tab was officially unveiled, many have bemoaned the lack of a WiFi-only model.  That looks like it could be changing soon, as a silver WiFi-only Tab will be made available for $499.99 according to a leaked Best Buy document.  The doc also says that Sprint's Tab will also be made in silver, while both it and the Verizon models will be available both on contract and contract-free from Best Buy.  Unfortunately, there's no word on when the WiFi-only tab will launch.  Since the Verizon model will be launching on November 11th with other carriers rumored to be releasing the Tab around the same date, I'd say mid-November is the best bet.

Ever since Verizon's pricing for the Galaxy Tab came out (and both T-Mobile and Sprint's leaked), there have been some concerns about how the tablets would compete against the cheapest iPad.  Thankfully, the WiFi-only Tab is the same price as the 16GB WiFi iPad, which should definitely help it gain some attention from customers looking to pick up a tablet device.  Samsung definitely made the right choice when they decided to create a WiFi-only Tab, and now I'm feeling much more confident about the Galaxy Tab's chances of success with consumers.

Via Engadget, Pocketables

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