Samsung unveiling new Android device at November 8th event

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: October 25, 2010

Samsung Android event invite

Today is just turning out to be a Samsung kind of day, isn't it?  After the pricing and availability announcement of the Sprint-branded Samsung Galaxy Tab, an invite popped up in our inbox for a Samsung event taking place on November 8th.  The focus of the event?  Android, of course!  Samsung take the opportunity to reveal a new Android device and, while there's no hint at what the mystery product is, I've got an idea or two of what it may be.

There are a couple of possibilities when it comes to what Samsung has up their sleeve, so it's tough to pin down exactly what we'll be seeing on Nov. 8th.  On one hand we have the Samsung Continuum, which has leaked a couple of times and is currently rumored to be landing on Nov. 11th.  With that launch date, a Continuum unveiling would seem to make the most sense, but there's also that mysterious Google Experience device to consider.  A previous rumor said that the Gingerbread-powered device could be announced some time before the year is up, so perhaps Samsung has elected to go with an early November unveiling.  What do you think we'll be seeing next week?  Will it be the dual-screened Continuum, the Gingerbread phone, or some other product that we've yet to see?