Time zones.  In theory, it’s a very basic concept and easy calculation, but in practice, it has become increasingly more difficult for me.  You’d think that being in a military family, figuring out time zones would be something we are used to and maybe even second nature.  Unfortunately, it’s the opposite.  Maybe because half the time I am not even certain what time zone I am currently living in.  Also, what was first just my family moving has now become our close friends moving too as we constantly make new friends and pseudo-families in our journeys.  Work adds another layer, as telecommuting allows me to operate in a completely different part of the country and time zone than the rest of my office.  With all of these moving parts, at any given time I have family, friends and co-workers on both coasts, everywhere in between, Hawaii, and various international destinations like Japan and Italy.  

So how do I keep it all straight?  For the most part, it has been a fairly poor endeavor with a combination of luck and apologies for the accidental 2 a.m. telephone call.  

Enter World Time Lite and World Time Pro.  With just a little set up, I now have an app that upon opening, displays the current time in each of the different cities that I need to know.  It’s that simple, with no calculations or further thought involved - a definite plus when juggling work, home and a toddler.

Whether you are on the road for work, like to travel or have friends and family around the country or world, World Time Lite or World Time Pro would be a handy resource.  World Time Lite offers the ability to track the current time in multiple cities and time zones, with sorting and list options.  For added convenience, the app displays a world map highlighting your selected cities.  Unlike some other similar apps, there are selections to adjust for daylight savings time.  

The Lite version is free for those on a budget or with basic needs, while World Time Pro packs some additional features like alarms, a time calculator and customizable city selections for $1.99.

(Image via PrintableMapStore.com)

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