HTC 7 Surround and Samsung Focus coming to AT&T on November 8

Taylor Martin
 from  Concord, NC
| October 28, 2010

Those of you who have been drooling over Windows latest mobile escapade, your wait is nearly over. The HTC Surround and Samsung Focus will all be available on AT&T on November 8, only a week and a half from now. These two devices are only two of three Windows Phone 7 devices coming to AT&T. The LG Quantum should release around the same time as these, but the date has yet to be confirmed. We know AT&T is focusing on diversifying and broadening their smartphone horizons, and we also know they have a certain interest in Windows Phone 7. They've used the iPhone as their backbone for the past few years, but snagging some nice, flagship devices right at the launch of a WP7 should help them transition smoothly.

I have high hopes for the platform, and what it needs is solid hardware to accompany the sleek UI. I had a little hands-on time with the Surround yesterday, and I must say, HTC knocked it out of the park. Who out there is planning on going and picking one of these bad boys up on the 8th? I know I'm having a tough internal debate between my tech-fiend side and my budgeting conscience.


Source PhoneScoop