Verizon rebate form includes Pre 2, Continuum, and double the DROID 2 Global

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| October 29, 2010

Verizon rebate form

Rebate forms may not seem like one of the most exciting leaked documents in the world, but when they reveal information about unannounced handsets, we tend to perk our ears and check them out.  The folks at Engadget got hold of Verizon's upcoming rebate sheet, and there's some juicy info to be found.  First up we have two different SKUs for the DROID 2 Global, leading many to believe that the device could launch in a camera-less version alongside the regular model.  Both the Motorola CITRUS and Palm Pre 2 appear with $100 rebates, meaning we should be seeing them arrive soon (perhaps November 11th?).  RIM's BlackBerry Bold 9650 shows up with two different SKUs, just like the DROID 2 Global, although it's believed that one of the 9650s will come preloaded with BlackBerry 6.  Samsung has a new device called the Zeal listed with a $50 rebate, although it's not totally clear just what the device is (perhaps a low-end Android phone?). Finally we have the Samsung Continuum and its $100 rebate, suggested that it could very well be what Samsung is planning to unveil at their November 8th event.

There were some rumors flying recently that said that the DROID Pro would be released in a camera-less version, which seems to make a little more sense than a camera-less DROID 2, if you ask me.  I know that the DROID 2 Global will likely be marketed toward business people a bit, but isn't business what the DROID Pro is all about?  Anyway, I'm excited to see the Palm Pre 2 show up here, too.  It may not be the amazing new hardware that we all want, but it's certainly better than nothing.  The fact that the Continuum has shown up on the rebate form is pretty good evidence that we'll be seeing it announced on Nov. 8th, which I think is what most people assumed all along.  It would be cool to see the Nexus Two, but I don't know if I would hold my breath unless Samsung decides to pull a "One more thing..."  on us.

Via Engadget