Mark Zuckerberg debunks any notion of Facebook phone

Taylor Martin
 from  Concord, NC
| November 3, 2010

It wasn't too long ago that a rumor spread about a potential Facebook phone. Not long after that, Facebook spoke up about the rumor and attempted to silence the jest talk of a social media powerhouse device. Unfortunately, their attempt to hush said rumor was futile. CNET had confirmed with a source that Facebook had actually reached out to manufacturers about a potential Facebook-branded handset. It would be an Android-powered device, but with deep integration into portions of the OS like the contact list, calendar, etc.

Today at Facebook's Mobile event in San Francisco, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg put an end to trailing rumors of the gossiped device by stating:

"Now I want to talk about some of the platform stuff we're doing. There's been this rumor that Facebook is going to build a phone. What a novel idea, but... no!"

With that being said, Facebook-aficionados should actually rejoice, not mourn. This means that Facebook is focusing on propelling their platform into the future, rather than trying to push for hardware in an already divested market; they're sticking to what they know and what they do best. They have announced a Places platform called Deals, Single Sign-On, and other mobile-centric features in the future. Along with these announcements came word of an update for Facebook for Android and iOS applying support for Places, Groups, and a better notification system. These updates can now be found in the Market and App Store. Another question that has been floating around the minds of iPad users has been answered as well. An attendee of the event asked if there would be a Facebook iPad app and Zuckerberg quickly answered:

"The iPad's not mobile. Next question," and followed up with, " I don't want to be rude to Apple -- we all love Apple products -- but this is a mobile event and we want to stay focused on that. The iPad isn't mobile in the same way."

So there you have it. There is no Facebook phone, Places is now live on Android, and there will be no Facebook iPad app. Speaking of Facebook, if you haven't already entered the 100 iPad Big Game Sweepstakes, head on over to our Facebook page and enter for your chance to win!

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