Four new webOS device codenames revealed

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: November 5, 2010

New webOS device codenames

So you're in the market for a new webOS device, but the Palm Pre 2 just doesn't do it for you?  Then you're going to be excited by what I have for you.  The folks at webOS Internals got dug through the new webOS Doctor (the ROM image used to restore a webOS device) for webOS 2.0 and discovered references to four new devices: "broadway" (which is rumored to be the Palm Pixi 2), "windsor," "mantaray," and "stingray."  There's also the "roadrunner," which we know of as the Pre 2.  The "broadway," "windsor," and "mantaray" are also mentioned in the "A6UpdateStage," though no one is quite sure what this means just yet.

There's no mention of the full-touch "Mansion" that we heard about last month, but the more new phones entering the webOS party, the better.  It's just disappointing that we have no other information on these new devices besides their codename.  Whatever they are, though, they'll likely be new form factors (hopefully at least one is, anyway) that we have yet to see on a webOS device.  Plus, I'm sure HP has had quite a bit of input on these new handsets, so it should be interesting to see what the new HP/Palm partnership can come up with.

New webOS device codenames

Via PreCentral, webOS Internals IRC Logs