Commitment-Phobe's Journey: Entertainment on webOS

Lauren Stern
Columnist from  Philadelphia, PA
| Published: November 11, 2010

myQ for Netflix

Over the last several months, I have learned that webOS is clearly an asset for organizing and simplifying business tasks and calendars.  I have also found some fun games and guilty pleasure apps that I’ve discussed in previous columns.  But now webOS has made even my weekends more relaxing and smoother with intuitive and easy movie rental apps.  

I am sure many of you have sat down on a Saturday evening and realized a movie would be perfect, but that you didn’t have the energy or time to run out.  Or maybe you were out and suddenly decided to grab a movie on your way home.  Whatever your case or circumstance, MyQ for Netflix and Redboxed can help.

MyQ for Netflix by allows you to search Netflix movies and manage your queue right from your phone.  For the purchase price of $3.00, you can search the entire Netflix movie catalog, by genre or new releases, and add, delete or rearrange movies from both your disc and instant queues.  This app also lets you view helpful movie details like summaries, ratings and running time.  

For as simple as Netflix is to manage from your computer, MyQ makes it that much easier and accessible.  I know that prior to this app, I was sometimes less than diligent in updating my queue, which lead to receiving movies that sat around and were ultimately returned unwatched.  I can now also instantly update my queue when I think of it, as opposed to waiting until I get to my computer and then experiencing the all too often movie memory loss.  

If the purchase price is dissuading, QuickQueue for Netflix by AppsByDel is a great alternative for just $1.99.  While it offers a lot of same function in editing your queue and even the ability to view movie recommendations, it’s downside is that it lacks in search capabilities, browsing by new releases and viewing full movie details.  

For those times when you want to pick up a movie at the last minute or mid-travel, you can turn to Redboxed for quick and painless movie rentals.  Redboxed by SemicolonApps runs at $1.99 and gives you the ability to search and reserve Redbox movies from your webOS phone.  No more standing at the kiosk trying to figure out what’s out on DVD and not yet rented.  No more running home to your computer so that you can perform specific searches and review descriptions.  Just open the app, and you can browse the entire Redbox catalog, by genre if preferred, locate nearby kiosks that have your desired movie, search the inventory at a particular kiosk, and even reserve a movie.  Just like from your computer, this app lets you review movie summaries, ratings and running times.  For future ease, you can add convenient Redbox kiosks to your favorites.  

With all of this added convenience, you may find yourself watching more movies and even getting way too caught up on your outstanding movie list.  Whether that’s a good thing or I bad thing, I’m not completely certain, but the elimination of wasted time and stress never hurts! 

(Image via PreCentral)