Messaging phones that make great stocking stuffers

Sydney Myers
Teen Lifestyle Editor from  Dallas, TX
| November 12, 2010

Cell phones are a hot item this holiday season, but maybe you weren't planning on going all-out on just one gift. Yeah, your teen, friend, or significant other (or whoever you're buying for) needs a new phone, but you'd rather use that as a starter gift, and then spend the big bucks somewhere else. Are there any inexpensive phones on the market right now that are worth buying? What if that person doesn't want/need a smartphone? Below is a list of four messaging devices for stockings - great phones that are available for a great price.

Pantech Crux (Verizon)

Why: It's stylish, cool, and as media-centric as a basic featurephone can get.

Perfect for: Teens who want a phone they're not ashamed of.

Price: $49.99

Samsung Mythic (AT&T)

Why: It boasts one of the best cameras you'll find on a basic featurephone, and overall has the specs of a high-end device, for a low-end price.

Perfect for: Someone who won't settle for cheap and sub-par just because it's inexpensive.

Price: $49.99

LG Sentio (T-Mobile)

Why: LG has stepped it up a bit in terms of the user experience and the Sentio is a good example of that. It's also available in Garnet to appeal to the stylish who don't like blue.

Perfect for: Well, it's not for heavy texters, I will say that. (The onscreen virtual keyboard isn't that great.) It's more for those who need a simple featurephone, but want to keep things interesting and fun.

Price: Free

Pantech Link (AT&T)

Why: For one thing, it's cheap. Free, to be exact. Beyond that, it's the best low-budget messaging phone. In fact, it was once on Phonedog's Top Messaging Phones for AT&T list.

Perfect for: Young adult or someone who prefers a more "serious-looking" device.

Price: Free